Style Tips from Harry Styles

“Need some styling advises? Harry Styles has them.”


You guys can learn a thing or two from Harry Styles’ personal style. His first styling tip is to select a few clothes that you can wear numerous ways. If you Google “Harry Styles’ style”, you will see him constantly wearing brown suede and black leather Chelsea boots and black super skinny jeans. He found ways to wear them in different looks whether it is formal or casual occasions.

The second styling tip from Styles is to staying dedicated to a handful of looks. By analyzing his outfits, he embraces the psych, punk, and grunge rock looks from the clothing brand, Saint Laurent. He picks up different clothing pieces from the brand. It seems that Styles follows Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” If you can’t afford the brand’s clothes, you can pick up clothes that has the same style to Saint Laurent from Topman, ASOS, and thrift stores.

By following these two advises, I started to develop my own looks with certain clothing items. These items include my two brown Chelsea boots, black and blue super skinny jeans, rock band t-shirts, flannel shirts, and leather jacket. I decided to duplicate one of Style’s outfits for a club event at Las Vegas with my own clothes. The outfit came out amazing. The beauty of copying this outfit was that it didn’t hurt my pockets to get these items.

harrystyles2Black Coated Skinny Jeans: $63 at Topman

Black Button Up: $5 at Thrift Store

Brown Chelsea Boots: $81 at ASOS

Blazer: $15 at Thrift Store

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