Black-Boots for Any Mood

“Is it possible to wear black boots for non-casual occasions?”

For the winter season and last couple of fall days, it is time to make an investment on a pair of black-casual boots, such as combat boots. They give off an awesome punk rock feel to the wearer, which makes them look and feel cool. For your every day look, these boots can go with any shade of blue jeans, a street wear or rock band t-shirt, and a leather jacket, bomber jacket, light coat, or overcoat. For the extra warmth, a hoodie or pullover is a great addition for your casual outfit. Why stop at planning outfits for casual wear? These boots can also be worn formally for a business or any professional occasion. For your preppy attire, pair the boots with dark or neutral color skinny khakis, pull over, and a fun printed button up. Finish off the formal look with an overcoat or a bomber jacket. Wearing these neutral color clothing items with the boots will prevent them from awkwardly clashing with each other. Now you can wear the black boots for any occasion!

Here are a bunch of outfit ideas that pair with the black boots:

Two casual outfits for any dress down events during afternoon or evenings weekends:
Black Boots 2

Camel Overcoat: $145 at Topman

Denim Long Sleeve Shirt: $30 at Uniqlo

Skinny Jeans: $30 at Cotton On

Black Leather Toecap Boots: $88 at Topman

Tan Faux Leather Carryall Bag: $44 at

Black Boots

Double Breasted Trench Coat: $150 at Zara

T-Shirt: $10 at Topman

Skinny Jeans: $50 at H&m

Casual Black Boots: $90 at Call It Spring

Backpack: $40 at J. Crew Factory

Two outfits for any formal social events and professional careers :

Black Boots 3

Olive Green Bomber Jacket: $135 at Alpha Industries

Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweater: Uniqlo

Grey Skinny Chinos: $53 at Topman

Printed Long Sleeve Shirt: $30

Black Leather Toecap Boots: $88 at Topman

Tan Satchel: $40 at ASOS

Fossil Belt: $25 at Macy’s

Black Boots 4

Textured Sweater: $20 at Haggar

Navy Blue Slim Chino: $30 at H&M

White Cotton Shirt: $40 at H&M

Tristram Lug Boots: $150 at Calvin Klein

Black Skinny Tie: $26 at Calvin Klein

Fossil Belt: $25 at Macy’s

Faux Leather Satchel: $36 at ASOS

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