Thrift Store Findings

“Discovering stylish clothes and shoes at thrift stores.”

I went on twitter today and tweeted “Thrift stores are lifeeeeee” to express my love for them. The tweet started a dispute between people where some consider thrift stores a terrible place to find clothes. Their reasons for the negative perception of thrift stores was that it makes the buyer look cheap and wearing used clothes and shoes is dirty. This led me to write this blog about thrift stores being beneficial for someone to find unique clothes. When you take your time searching for a clothing item or shoes at the thrift store, you will find something that you can wear a lot. You will find stylish clothing pieces that you won’t be able to find in retail stores and save money. Make sure that the clothing items are true to size and wash them in the washing machine after you purchase them to start wearing them.

Here are pictures of different outfits. Each of the outfits contains a clothing piece that I got at the thrift store:

Grey Overcoat: $10


Black Blazer: $15


Black Leather Bomber Jacket: $15


Ramones T-Shirt: $5


Denim Jacket: $4; Flannel: $5


Tweed Blazer: $15

blazer tweed

Olive Green Jacket: $18


T-Shirt: $10


Wool Flannel: $7


Denim Button Up: $5


Loafers: $9


Blazer: $7


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