Style Tips from Harry Styles

“Need some styling advises? Harry Styles has them.”


You guys can learn a thing or two from Harry Styles’ personal style. His first styling tip is to select a few clothes that you can wear numerous ways. If you Google “Harry Styles’ style”, you will see him constantly wearing brown suede and black leather Chelsea boots and black super skinny jeans. He found ways to wear them in different looks whether it is formal or casual occasions.

The second styling tip from Styles is to staying dedicated to a handful of looks. By analyzing his outfits, he embraces the psych, punk, and grunge rock looks from the clothing brand, Saint Laurent. He picks up different clothing pieces from the brand. It seems that Styles follows Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” If you can’t afford the brand’s clothes, you can pick up clothes that has the same style to Saint Laurent from Topman, ASOS, and thrift stores.

By following these two advises, I started to develop my own looks with certain clothing items. These items include my two brown Chelsea boots, black and blue super skinny jeans, rock band t-shirts, flannel shirts, and leather jacket. I decided to duplicate one of Style’s outfits for a club event at Las Vegas with my own clothes. The outfit came out amazing. The beauty of copying this outfit was that it didn’t hurt my pockets to get these items.

harrystyles2Black Coated Skinny Jeans: $63 at Topman

Black Button Up: $5 at Thrift Store

Brown Chelsea Boots: $81 at ASOS

Blazer: $15 at Thrift Store

Style Guide for a New Year’s Eve Outfit 

“Watching the New Year Eve’s ball drop with a chic outfit.” 

Hey ladies! I did not forget to create a New Year’s Eve Style (NYE) Guide post for you guys. With New Year’s approaching, it is time to figure out an outfit to wear for that night. The outfits in this post varies in certain styles. Dark and metallic color night out dresses is perfect to ring in the new year. All that matters is to find shoes and/or coat to make the whole outfit look chic. One of the outfits comes from a previous blog post, Bomber Jacket Central, because it helps you stay warm and look stylish. Here are three outfit ideas for the females:
For a NYE house party or club event:

Leather Jacket: $150 at Zara

Navy Blue Slip Dress: $53 at Topshop

Over the Knee High Heel Leather Boots: $279 at Zara

Black Wallet/Clutch: $40 at ALDO


For a NYE club event or formal gathering:

Navy Blue Bomber Jacket: $110 at Topshop

Black Body Con Dress: $75 at Topshop

Nine West Pumps: $80 at DSW

Black Wallet/Clutch: $40 at ALDO


For a NYE formal gathering:

Belted Sloutch Coat: $115 at Topshop

Black Dress: $40 at ASOS

Black Strap Heels: $80 at Steve Madden

New Year, Minimalist Looks

“Ringing in the new year with minimal clothes.”

Don’t know what to wear for the evening of New Year’s Eve (NYE) and the early morning of New Year’s Day? There is no need to worry because I have outfit ideas that will make you look stylish for a NYE party at a club or formal event with family and friends. You can never go wrong with keeping the outfits simple. The goal is to look fashion forward for New Years by wearing minimalist pieces of clothing, in other words, black and white clothes with a hint of neutral color clothes. The best way to plan your minimal outfits is to imagine that you are going to a “black and white party” or following the nightclub’s dress code. These techniques will help you only focus on the sizing of each clothing since the colors will not clash.

Here are many outfit ideas that will make you look amazing for New Year’s:

For a NYE house party or club event:

NYE OUTFIT 1Easy-Iron On Shirt: $15 at H&M

Skinny Blazer: $90 at ASOS

Coated Skinny Jeans: $57 at Topman

Chelsea Boots with Buckle Strap: $81 at ASOS


For a NYE club event or formal gathering.


Easy-Iron On Shirt: $15 at H&M

Suede Bomber Jacket: $81 at Zara

Coated Skinny Jeans: $57 at Topman

Kenneth Cole Double Monk Loafers: $115 at Macy’s

For a NYE formal gathering:


Easy-Iron On Shirt: $15 at H&M

Camel Overcoat: $140 at Topman

White Skinny Jeans: $57 at Topman

Calvin Klein Chelsea Boots: $114 at Macy’s

Blowing Your Cover: How to Make Your Camo Jacket Stand Out

camo jacket 1
For my new DIY project, I decided to customize a camo jacket to express my creative side with a message and iron on patches. I wanted to write the words in red letter because it is a perfect color to make the message stand out from the camo print. The message for the jacket came from a verse from one of my favorite hip hop songs, Don’t Believe The Hype by Public Enemy.
I envisioned one of the sleeves to have patches going through a straight line. The idea of attaching the patches on my sleeve was inspired by witnessing individuals putting patches on their clothes to give them more life. 
These are the basic requirements you need to do for customizing a jacket with paint and iron on patches:  
  1. Write down the message on a piece of paper first before you start painting. This will help you plan how you want the letters to look like and where to place them on the jacket.
  2. Make sure the iron isn’t full of water and turn it on to the hottest setting without the steam option. For me, it was the wool option. 
  3. For ironing each patch, place a cloth on top of the patch. This will prevent the iron stain from appearing on your clothes. Position the patches and press the iron on the patches with the cloth on top of it. Press it for a minute or minute and 30 seconds. 
  4. Sew each patch to add more protection to them. Choose the thread that matches the patch. 
  5. Make sure to put a large piece of cardboard or newspaper under the jacket so that the paint will not stain the floor.
  6. Mix the acrylic paint with a bit of water to get rid of the thickness of the paint so it will stick to the coat. 
  7. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours. Now you have a new amazing coat!


Black-Boots for Any Mood

“Is it possible to wear black boots for non-casual occasions?”

For the winter season and last couple of fall days, it is time to make an investment on a pair of black-casual boots, such as combat boots. They give off an awesome punk rock feel to the wearer, which makes them look and feel cool. For your every day look, these boots can go with any shade of blue jeans, a street wear or rock band t-shirt, and a leather jacket, bomber jacket, light coat, or overcoat. For the extra warmth, a hoodie or pullover is a great addition for your casual outfit. Why stop at planning outfits for casual wear? These boots can also be worn formally for a business or any professional occasion. For your preppy attire, pair the boots with dark or neutral color skinny khakis, pull over, and a fun printed button up. Finish off the formal look with an overcoat or a bomber jacket. Wearing these neutral color clothing items with the boots will prevent them from awkwardly clashing with each other. Now you can wear the black boots for any occasion!

Here are a bunch of outfit ideas that pair with the black boots:

Two casual outfits for any dress down events during afternoon or evenings weekends:
Black Boots 2

Camel Overcoat: $145 at Topman

Denim Long Sleeve Shirt: $30 at Uniqlo

Skinny Jeans: $30 at Cotton On

Black Leather Toecap Boots: $88 at Topman

Tan Faux Leather Carryall Bag: $44 at

Black Boots

Double Breasted Trench Coat: $150 at Zara

T-Shirt: $10 at Topman

Skinny Jeans: $50 at H&m

Casual Black Boots: $90 at Call It Spring

Backpack: $40 at J. Crew Factory

Two outfits for any formal social events and professional careers :

Black Boots 3

Olive Green Bomber Jacket: $135 at Alpha Industries

Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweater: Uniqlo

Grey Skinny Chinos: $53 at Topman

Printed Long Sleeve Shirt: $30

Black Leather Toecap Boots: $88 at Topman

Tan Satchel: $40 at ASOS

Fossil Belt: $25 at Macy’s

Black Boots 4

Textured Sweater: $20 at Haggar

Navy Blue Slim Chino: $30 at H&M

White Cotton Shirt: $40 at H&M

Tristram Lug Boots: $150 at Calvin Klein

Black Skinny Tie: $26 at Calvin Klein

Fossil Belt: $25 at Macy’s

Faux Leather Satchel: $36 at ASOS

Thrift Store Findings

“Discovering stylish clothes and shoes at thrift stores.”

I went on twitter today and tweeted “Thrift stores are lifeeeeee” to express my love for them. The tweet started a dispute between people where some consider thrift stores a terrible place to find clothes. Their reasons for the negative perception of thrift stores was that it makes the buyer look cheap and wearing used clothes and shoes is dirty. This led me to write this blog about thrift stores being beneficial for someone to find unique clothes. When you take your time searching for a clothing item or shoes at the thrift store, you will find something that you can wear a lot. You will find stylish clothing pieces that you won’t be able to find in retail stores and save money. Make sure that the clothing items are true to size and wash them in the washing machine after you purchase them to start wearing them.

Here are pictures of different outfits. Each of the outfits contains a clothing piece that I got at the thrift store:

Grey Overcoat: $10


Black Blazer: $15


Black Leather Bomber Jacket: $15


Ramones T-Shirt: $5


Denim Jacket: $4; Flannel: $5


Tweed Blazer: $15

blazer tweed

Olive Green Jacket: $18


T-Shirt: $10


Wool Flannel: $7


Denim Button Up: $5


Loafers: $9


Blazer: $7


Rocking Like Rihanna

“Obtaining Rihanna’s ability to mix styles.”


When it comes to Rihanna’s style, there is no such thing as staying in your comfort zone. She plays by her own fashion rules. When people go one way with fashion, Rihanna goes into another direction by experimenting with it. By analyzing many of her looks, I realized that she loves to mix many looks together in one outfit. Rihanna mixes her tomboy, laid back, and chic style in many outfits. A handful of her outfits contain loose-fitting and men clothing items. She coordinates them with heels, simple inexpensive jewelry, and handbags. Rihanna keeps the accessories simple while letting her clothes do all of the talking. These techniques will help you look stylish without trying too hard.

Here are some outfits that capture Rihanna’s edgy style:

Rocking Like Rihanna 1

T-Shirt: H&M

Wide Leg Pants: ASOS

Black Ankle Booties: Zara

Biker Jacket: Zara

Riverside Handbag: ASOS

Rocking Like Rihanna 2

Black Top: Topshop

Boyfriend Jeans: H&M

Heels: Zara

Camo Coat: Army Navy Store

Black Backpack: H&M

Rocking Like Rihanna 3

T-Shirt: Billionaire Boys Club

Boyfriend Jeans: Topshop

Sandal Heels: Steve Madden

Calvin Klein Handbag: Macy’s

Skull Necklace: Gypsy Warrior

Rocking Like Rihanna 4

Men’s Button Up: J. Crew

Blue Jeans: Uniqlo

Sandal Heels: Nordstrom

Gold Necklace : Macy’s

Bracelets: Topshop

Shoulder Bag: ALDO

Your Coat Is Your New Canvas

“How to be creative with your fall coat?” image1image2

image4Lately, I’ve decided to be creative with my clothes and sneakers by painting them. What better way to stand out than by splattering paint on your clothes? I turned a basic olive green army coat into a creative master piece that I can wear. My inspiration to splatter black and a white acrylic paints on my coat  came to me during a trip to a thrift store with my friend. I found the coat, which had a white paint drop on it. Instead of being turned off from it, it sparked an idea to put more white drops of paint on the coat along with black paint. Listening to my best friend’s idea to write a message on the back of the coat helped make the coat unique and inspiring with the message “BE YOU,” embracing one’s individuality. Now grab your acrylic paints and paint brushes and start being creative with your clothes.

image3(1)image6 image5 Coat: Thrift Store and DIY (Do It Yourself)

T-Shirt: Thrift Store

Faded Black Skinny Jeans: Cotton On
Combat Boots: Call It Springs
Hat: Polo Ralph Lauren
Backpack: Target

Bomber Jacket Central

bomber jacket central

Bomber jackets are perfect coats to wear for the windy or gruesome winter weather. These MA-1 Flight jackets have become an essential coat for women to stay warm and stylish. The dramatic puffy shape of the jacket complements the basic clothing and dark and neutral color body con dresses. The beauty of choosing a bomber jacket as your go-to coat is that it can be worn during formal or informal occasions. Whether you are heading for a night out or going through your casual day, a bomber jacket will do justice for your outfit .You can get them at retail or army navy stores for $135 or less.

Here are a bunch of formal and informal outfits with a bomber jacket:

Bomber jacket 3

Olive Green Bomber Jacket: Alpha Industries

Black Long Sleeve Shirt: H&M

Black Skinny Jeans: Levi

High Heels: Zara

Wallet: Juicy Couture

Bomber Jacket 4

Black Bomber Jacket: Alpha Industries

Beatles T-Shirt: JCPenney

Mom Jeans: H&M

Black and White Superstars Sneakers: Adidas

Black Faux Leather Backpack: H&M


Navy Blue Bomber Jacket: Topshop

Black Body Con Dress: Topshop

Nine West Pumps: DSW

Black Wallet/Clutch: ALDO

Bomber Jacket 1

Olive Green Bomber Jacket: Alpha Industries

Grey Loose Fitting T-Shirt: H&M

Boyfriend Jeans: H&M

Black Leather Chelsea Boots: Topshop

River Island Cream Bag: ASOS

Channeling My Inner Daniel Craig

IMG_4075 IMG_4073It is time to stop worrying about whether you look ridiculous from rocking a double denim outfit. Instead, think about how cool you will look with wearing a dark shaded blue jeans and denim jacket. Someone like the actor, Daniel Craig, knows how to rock the Canadian tuxedo with the right boots, top, and attitude. I put the double denim look together by putting on my black Red Hop Chili Peppers rock band t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, brown suede Chelsea boots. I completed the outfit by throwing on a dark shaded denim jacket, similar to the jeans. You can own this look this look by wearing skinny jeans, black or grey t-shirt, and a pair of Chelsea boots whether it is suede or leather and black or brown. This will help you avoid looking like a character out of a western film.

IMG_4077 IMG_4079 IMG_4080Denim Jacket: Levi’s

Skinny Jeans: H&M


Chelsea Boots: ASOS

Bracelets: ALDO